Motama GmbH


Application areas
  • Ad overlay and ad replacement for IPTV and OTT
  • Audio/video and graphical overlays with visual effects
  • Playlist-based, interactive Webinterface, programmable

AdCaster™ is an optional extension of CodecCaster™, our transcoding solution for live content.

AdCaster™ enables regional and targeted replacement and overlays of adverts for IPTV and OTT.

Audio/video overlays and static graphics with various visual effects are provided, such as full replacement, slide-in/out, audio mixing, etc.

AdCaster™ works nicely together with IPTV multicast as well as Internet / Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming.

All operations are burned-in into the transcoded stream. This offers two main advantages: Newly overlaid adverts become an integral part of the video and cannot be removed. In addition, streams generated by AdCaster™ are 100% compatible with all existing equipment, such streaming servers and clients.

All operations can be controlled by playlists, interactive webinterfaces, and by a fully programmable interface (API of Motama Server-SDK).

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