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TVCaster series by Motama - The next generation IPTV server appliances

Kick-off for Motama's new product family to drive advanced IPTV services

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), meaning the transmission of digital television over the Internet or local area networks, is becoming increasingly important. IPTV not only allows for serving millions of users with broadband content, but also provides transmission of content in hospitality and health care, in universities, schools, and corporations, and in IP networks in private homes. As the demand for IPTV services grows, also the requirements and expectations on the underlying technical infrastructure grow.

Motama, a leading supplier of distributed multimedia solutions, presents the next generation of IPTV server appliances called TVCaster. TVCaster is a turn-key solution offering all cutting-edge functionality you expect from an integrated DVB receiver, remultiplexer, and IP streaming server. In addition, TVCaster offers advanced features, such as ultra-fast channel switching for individual users, integrated video recorder, extended streaming protocols, and clustering support. This all comes with unmatched openness and full programmability that allows you to seamlessly integrate the TVCaster appliance into your IPTV workflow.

As a first product within the new TVCaster product family, TVCaster 200-S2 offers access to SDTV and HDTV channels received by DVB-S2. While traditional DVB gateways only support re-transmission of content, TVCaster appliances support different modes: In Corporate Mode, UDP or RTP streams can be configured to serve large groups of users using unicast or multicast networking. In Home Mode, each tuner can be assigned to a specific user or client device, which allows to access the full selection of TV channels with ultra-fast channel switching times. In Middleware Mode, the TVCaster acts as freely programmable stream processing appliance which can be seamlessly integrated into customized IPTV workflows, also including a TCP based reliable and optimized transmission of Live-TV.

Further comfort features such as automatic channel search and a fully programmable digital video recorder with 1 TB hard disk further distinguish TVCaster products from others.

The built-in clustering support provides scalability. The number of tuners can simply be extended with additional appliances while still being configured with a single log-in to a Web interface. The redundancy and failover management features of the TVCaster product family allow meeting the requirements of large installations and greatly reduce operational costs.

The free Software Development Kit (SDK) allows customers to easily access and configure all these features. It also includes source code for a streaming client demonstrating ultra-fast channel switching. The SDK is based on the award-winning Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware (NMM) by Motama and available Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Visit Motama at and order your TVCaster 200-S2 appliances starting from today.

Motama GmbH

Motama is specialized in designing and developing distributed and networked multimedia systems - spanning from embedded and mobile systems, to PCs, to large-scale computing clusters. The company's key technology provides a ground-breaking new software solution - called Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware (NMM) - that drives innovative products of world leaders in the areas of home entertainment, building technologies, and content processing and distribution. Motama's middleware technology operates cross-platform, meaning that arbitrary networking technologies and various operating systems are supported in combination. Founded in Saarbrücken, Germany, in 2005 as spin-off company from the Computer Graphics Lab at Saarland University, Motama today offers commercial and Open Source versions of its software. Further information about Motama is available from

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