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New server for live transcoding of SD and HD video released

Motama extends its product portfolio with cost-effective 19-inch rack mountable server appliance, named CodecCaster 900 HD

CodecCaster is a turn-key solution for real-time transcoding of IPTV streams up to full HD resolution. It offers high-performance and high-quality IP-based format conversion. Video transcoding from MPEG-2 Video to AVC/H.264 for MPEG Transport Streams is provided, as well as transcoding from AVC/H.264 to MPEG-2 Video, or any other combination. The world-class encoder of CodecCaster allows for greatly reducing bandwidth requirements of streams while keeping the original quality of experience, which makes CodecCaster the perfect solution for Internet transmission or when streaming in wireless networks.

Additional options for stream adaptation, such as deinterlacing, video scaling, frame rate conversion, and audio sample rate and format conversion allow for serving set-top boxes, tablets, mobile phones, and others.

The new CodecCaster 900 HD appliance can be used for all kinds of transcoding operations. From each incoming stream, a number of outgoing and fully aligned streams can be generated, which makes CodecCaster the ideal tool for supporting multiple devices and screens, and adaptive streaming at different bitrates.

Compared to its predecessor, CodecCaster 800, the new CodecCaster 900 HD offers more performance. In addition to transcoding streams in SD resolution, the new model also supports transcoding of HD streams, for example AVC/H.264 streams in 720p or 1080i format.

The number of streams to be transcoded in parallel is not artificially limited: With CodecCaster 900 HD, up to 9 different streams in full SD resolution can be transcoded in real-time with a single appliance, or even more when using downscaled streams. Compared to CodecCaster 800, this means one additional stream at the same rack size of 1U and up to 30% less power consumption per stream.

Since all CodecCaster models now include a number of features previously only available separately, CodecCaster 900 HD offers an even more cost-effective transcoding solution with a greatly improved price per stream.

Being compatible with existing gateways, conditional access systems, streaming servers, and set-top boxes, CodecCaster can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure.

To this end, CodecCaster completes Motama's product portfolio of DVB gateways, called TVCaster, and servers for content delivery, called RelayCaster. TVCaster servers allow for converting live feeds from DVB to IPTV streams. These streams can now be transcoded with CodecCaster before RelayCaster servers handle the Internet wide distribution of content. Together, this allows Motama's customers to have a single point of contact for building their own full-featured content delivery network.

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